Sep 14

Professional Training in Skender Luarasi School, Tirana

Më datë 13 shtator, në ambientet e shkollës “Skënder Luarasi”, u zhvillua trajnimi me temë “Mësimdhënia me kompetenca” nga trajnerja Mimoza Gjokutaj, specialiste e fushës.  Duke qënë një trajnim i kërkuar nga mësueset e shkollës, ADRA Albania e mundësoi atë në kuadër  të projektit “Children Empowerment”. Trajnerja trajtoi cështje të tilla si metodat novative te …

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Sep 06

Awareness in the Community

Today ADRA Albania organized an Awareness Campaign in Fushe Kruja with the theme: “Every Child in School for a better Future” The main aim of this campaign was to raise awareness among parents of Roma and Egyptian communities about the enrollment of their children at school for this school year. First we went to the …

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Jul 20

EU Aid Volunteers : ADRA Albania participated in the first capacity building training

As part of the EU Aid Volunteers Capacity project “Reinforcement and Sustainability in Humanitarian Volunteering Management”, in May 2017, ADRA Albania participated in the first capacity building training related to the “Security and Management”.  

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May 22

Supplementary classes in schools in Tirana!

Last week ADRA Albania started, in addition to the already selected schools, supplementary classes in two new schools near Tirana.

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Feb 28

Professional training

Last week in Adem Gjeli school was implemented a professional training with the teachers conducted by the Prof. Mimoza Gjokutaj, expert of the new school curricula. This training was open for the teachers of three different schools of Kruja region: Adem Gjeli, Arberie and Ramazan Jangozi. The main subject of the training was centred in …

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Feb 24

Training on the importance of hygiene for children

Last week ADRA Albania trained children from different schools in the Kruja region about the important topic hygiene. The training was implemented within the project Second Chance- A Chance for Life. Second Chance Education for Roma and non-Roma children aims to reintegrate children into school by creating an alternative and additional model to the second …

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Nov 15

ADRA Albania raises awareness about Child Trafficking

An important event in ‘Adem Gjeli’ public school of Fushe Kruja was held last week of October with the participation of different local and governmental actors such as Child Protection Unit, School Directorate and Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. The event was organized in the form of awareness campaign through the initiative of the …

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Aug 19

Reconstruction of Vrap School in Baldushk

Vrap is a mountain village which is known for its beautiful nature and mountain slopes. Located 38 km from the Capital city this is the farthest village from Tirana.   From the statistical data gathered in 1994, this village had 250 families with around 1100 inhabitants. During this period of time, the school of this …

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Apr 02

Reflect Resilience on “Choices”

Lack of political, economical and social stability has created a chain of negative effects in all Albanian society. Most of all, this unstable state has and is continually damaging its youth. It is creating a youth that lacks perspective. Such a youth does not know where it shall look for direction. A youth such as …

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Apr 01

Reflect Resilience on “Bad Habits and Physical Activity”

Lack of employment, social involvement and other possibilities continually leads young generation to end up having a reactive rather than proactive life. This way, young people are continually found in cafes. Consequently, as a social norm or because of peer pressure they are led into drinking and smoking. To be blamed for such an outcome …

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