As part of ADRA International ADRA Albania operates in the region from 1993 and continues its work as an independent nongovernmental organization, registered under Albanian legislation, since 2000. The work of ADRA Albania is focused in the region of Kruja northern from the capital, Tirana. Education is a common denominator for all project of our organization. Through supplementary classes on literacy and numeracy and social classes, we empower children with learning difficulties in schools of Kruja region and suburbs of Tirana since 2013. Besides that, ADRA Albania closely cooperates with the local administration units and builds capacities of social workers, child protection unit workers and school staff in the field of human rights and child protection.

Impact areas:
1. Supporting children and families
2. Social Business
3. Responding to Emergencies
4. Health
5. Empowering communities
6. Education/Youth and Activism


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Our Staff


Altin Rexhepi : Country Director

Altin Rexhepi

Country Director

Diljana Kollarja : Finance Director

Diljana Kollarja

Finance Director

Kristi Qendro : Program Director

Kristi Qendro

Program Director

Shkelqim Agaraj : Logistic Manager

Shkelqim Agaraj

Logistic Manager

Marsida Zheku : Project Manager

Marsida Zheku

Project Manager

Vojsava Firi : Teacher

Vojsava Firi


Fioralba Hoxha : Psychologist

Fioralba Hoxha


Cyriakus Bräutigam : EU Aid Volunteer

Cyriakus Bräutigam

EU Aid Volunteer

Laura Naw : EU Aid Volunteer

Laura Naw

EU Aid Volunteer

Rebekka Schiller : Volunteer

Rebekka Schiller


Anna Ford : Volunteer

Anna Ford


Veronika Zimova : Volunteer

Veronika Zimova










Projects track record:


Dates of implementation Name of the project Donor Location Results Budget in EUR
1/2019-5/2020 Return to Thrive BMZ Fushe-Kruje, Durres 300 Roma/Egyptians accessed public services, education and/or labour market;
150 Roma/Egyptian adults provided psycho-social support;
130 Roma and Egyptian adults improved their literacy, numeracy and social skills;
130 Roma and Egyptian children improved their literacy, numeracy and social skills;
10 public officers from Municipalities and Labour offices of Durres and Kruja actively participated in project activities





12/2017-12/2018 Integration After Migration GIZ Kruja region 144 Roma/non-Roma children integrated and supported at schools through supplementary classes;
155 Roma/non-Roma family members facilitated in accessing public services and labour market through career counselling



9/2016-6/2019 Children Empowerment in Suburban areas of Tirana and Kruja regions through Improvement in Education and Increase Access to Social Services ADRA GE Kruja region 200 children improved their literacy, numeracy and social skills through supplementary classes;
2 CPU and 2 social workers and 50 teachers built capacities in child protection services through trainings






1/2016-12/2018 Second Chance –

A chance for life



Kruja region 423 children from Roma, Egyptian and Albanian marginalized groups reintegrated in schools;
86 school teachers and 7 CPU/Municipality social workers empowered via trainings and shared experiences;
3 youth activist groups established and supported



1/2016-12/2018 Education through Student Volunteering ADRA


Kruja region 200 children strengthened their learning and social capacities through supplementary classes assisted by volunteers  


01/2015-12/2015 REFLECT Resilience ADRA Int. Fushe-Kruje 50 young people built capacities in health and social aspects of life




2012-2015 Reflexion! Aktion! Integration ADRA AT, ADA Fushe-Kruje 80 Roma mothers and 60 fathers improved their literacy, life and social skills 100.000,00
2013-2015 Second Chance Education For Roma children in FusheKruja ADRA GE Fushe-Kruje 80 Roma children reintegrated  to schools;  literacy and numeracy skills of the Roma children improved through supplementary classes, capacities of school staff empowered thru trainings 33,010
06/2014-12/2014 Spread your wings and fly ADRA Int. Fushe-Kruje 10 Roma men and 10 women trained and materially supported in gardening/tailoring/hairdressing;
3 businesses opened by beneficiaries
01/2014-06/2014 Good Parenting for Happy Children ADRA NO, World Vision Fushe-Kruje 100 parents from Roma and major community trained in positive parenting behaviour 5.992,00
2012 RELECT training for preschool children ADRA GE Fushe-Kruje 80 Roma children improved their motor and social skills through classes implemented 10.000,00
2011-2012 Roma REFLECT literacy for women City of Vienna Fushe-Kruje 80 Roma women improved their literacy, numeracy, social and life skills thru trainings 35.700,00