Children empowerment in suburban areas of Tirana and Kruja regions through Improvement in Education and Increased Access to Social Services

 January 2017 – March 2020

This project started in January 2017 and until now has achieved an inclusive education and enhanced social inclusion of children of Kruja and Tirana regions through providing supplementary classes and social trainings, and improving and facilitating access to child protection services. Through the project financed by ADRA Germany, ADRA Albania achieved to identify 213 children in total in 3 schools and to build their capacities in writing, reading, math, and socialization with other children. The engagement of children has been achieved through the full support and assistance of 24 student volunteers who assisted the project staff during the implementation of the supplementary classes for children with learning differences. The project offers a holistic approach that involves even other actors such as, parents, social workers, community leaders and teachers who are interested and motivated to contribute for improvement of education level in Kruja and Tirana.