Apr 26

PROJECT TITLE: Return To Thrive II

Returning to New Opportunities (1st December 2020 to 1st November 2022) This project seeks to help Albanians who returned from other countries to seek greener pastures but were unfortunate to succeed and find it frustrating to re-integrate back into their communities. The migration rate in Albania is considered among the high rate in the world. …

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Dec 03

Environmental Education with Young people in Fushe-Kruja, Albania

‘’We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment’’. This quotation from Margaret Maed shows best the importance of the environment in our society. But, in order to have a clean and safe environment first we should be aware of the way the waste are selected and the importance of this selection. Waste and …

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Oct 24

Humanitarian Volunteers in Action

ADRA Albania participated in the HVM and HVA seminar in Roubaix, France on the 8th of October until 12th of October 2018. The seminar consisted of the administrative and financial aspects of the HVM project and launching the newly approved project HVA – Humanitarian Volunteers in Action with the financial support by EU. Apart from …

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Jun 30

Dissemination Training in Istanbul

ADRA Albania participated in the 3 days training regarding the Dissemination and Promotion techniques conducted in Istanbul in the frame of EU Aid Program. 

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Nov 22

All together against Bullism

On 21st of November on the premises of Skender Luarasi school in Tirana, was organized an activity by the school psychologist in cooperation with ADRA Albania. The activity was about bullying in school and what is the role of parents, teachers and school’s psychologist in preventing bullying cases as well as the role of other …

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Nov 20

Universal Children’s Day in Tirana

Today, on 20th of November, an activity prepared by primary school pupils was organized at the Gjergj Fishta school. With the topic of “Children’s Rights” they had prepared paintings and crafts with the aim of showing that their rights must be respected, such as: the right for education, the right for being protected, the right …

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Nov 10

Vullnetarizmi dhe Puna ne Grup/Volunteering and groupworking

Me 8 Nentor 2017 ADRA ne bashkepunim me Porten Rome Per Integrim, organizoi trajnimin me teme: “Vullnetarizmi dhe puna ne grup” Pjesmarres ishin stafi  dhe vullnetaret  ADRA Albania si dhe stafi dhe vullnetaret e Portes Rome Per Integrim me te cilen ADRA bashkepunon ne zonen e Fushe Krujes. Ne kuader te ketij trajnimi vullnetaret gjimnaziste …

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Nov 02

Prevention of Human trafficking Awareness

Sot ne kuader te muajit anti- trafikim, shkolla Adem Gjeli organizoi nje takim ndergjegjesues ne lidhje me trafikimin e qenieve njerezoren ne Shqiperi. Te ftuar ishin perfaqesues te Bashkise, perfaqesues nga Linja Kombetare e Keshillimit per femije ne Shqiperi dhe ACCE, drejtore shkollash, organizata lokale dhe gazetare. Ne kete takim te rinjte senatore te shkolles …

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Oct 09

HVM Training in Tirana

This beginning of October, ADRA Albania was trained about Needs Assessment and Logistic in the frame of “Humanitarian and Volunteering Management” project by EU Aid Volunteers. The training was conducted for 3 days in the capital city of Albania, Tirana. 

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Oct 03

Awareness Rising in Larushk village

Sot, u organizua nje tjeter fushate sensibilizuese ne lidhje me mbrojtjen e mjedisit, kesaj radhe ne bashkepunim me shkollen Hajdar Hoxha ne Fshatin Larushk. Fokusi kryesor i ketij sensibilizimi ishin vete femijet, per te treguar me shume kujdes per ambjetin ku jetojne. Mesues dhe femije te shkolles, stafi dhe vullnetarte te ADRA-s u angazhuan ne …

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