‘’We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment’’. This quotation from Margaret Maed shows best the importance of the environment in our society. But, in order to have a clean and safe environment first we should be aware of the way the waste are selected and the importance of this selection. Waste and the way we choose to treat them affects the environment we live in. We all need a clean environment for our health and happiness. That is why the right way of management is so important. The waste that we make  should be carefully controlled to make sure they do not harm the environment and our health. That was the purpose of this training where we focused on the 3R Strategy, (Reduce! Reuse!Recycle!) for waste management and on the  sensitizing activities for a clean environment and its protection from waste.

The training lasted 2 hours and a half. The first part was a brainstorming to get a bit on the training topic. Young people got to know with the activity agenda and talked about waste selection. Later on we  made a Presentation of Waste Management and Strategies Environmental Protection. That was lead by questions and discussions between us. Then, to make the training more practicable we did a survey on recycling, a cleaning action including waste separation.