Today, on 20th of November, an activity prepared by primary school pupils was organized at the Gjergj Fishta school.

With the topic of “Children’s Rights” they had prepared paintings and crafts with the aim of showing that their rights must be respected, such as: the right for education, the right for being protected, the right to health care, the right to have a family and so on.

Moreover, they had also prepared poems and role play dramas which they performed in front of participant of the activity.


Sot, me 20 nentor, ne diten e te drejtave te femijeve, ne shkollen Gjergj Fishta u organizua nje aktivitet i pergatitur nga nxenesit e klasave fillore.

Me temen “Te drejtat e Femijeve” ata kishin pergatitur piktura dhe crafte me qellimin per te treguar se cilat jane te drejtat e tyre qe duhen respektuar, duke permendur: e drejta per tu arsimuar, e drejta per te mos u dhunuar, e drejta per kujdes shendetesor, e drejta per te pasur nje familje etj.

Pervec ketyre ata kishin pergatitur gjithashtu vjersha dhe dramatizime te cilat i performuan para pjesemarresve te aktivitetit.