Having lost both her parents to AIDS, Mercy lives in an orphanage outside of Harare, Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the orphanage lacks access to clean water, making Mercy one of the many children living in Zimbabwe at risk of diseases like cholera. Contaminated water and improper sanitation are the primary reasons for cholera outbreaks, and children are among the most vulnerable to its deadly impact.

ADRA’s well-drilling project provides safe and clean drinking water for children like Mercy.

Members of the community had attempted four times to drill wells for the orphanage, but due to poor infrastructure and lack of proper drilling tools, these attempts had failed. The orphanage was left unable to provide the children with safe drinking water and a sanitary environment.

ADRA decided to give it one more try, bringing new and advanced drilling technology to assist in the orphanage’s efforts. After hours of drilling, the team finally hit water and installed a water pump for the orphanage. The precious gift of water was not lost on Mercy, the children, and the community leaders, who celebrated and rejoiced at the sight of water flowing.

ADRA has installed 21 wells in severely affected rural areas of Zimbabwe. Donations from all around the world provide ADRA with the resources needed to give communities access to clean water, such as drilling trucks and pumps. Now children like Mercy don’t have to travel miles for water, can avoid deadly waterborne diseases, and have a chance at a brighter future.