Wishing all children a great start of the school year! Lots of new discoveries, adventures, and friendships!

The 16th of September 2019 is the start of the academic year in Albania, girls, and boys dressed up as princesses and cavaliers fill the streets carrying flowers for their teachers. It doesn’t look any different in the Roma and Egyptian community.
But it has been a long process. ADRA in cooperation with Roma Gate for Integration spent the past days visiting the Roma and Egyptian families in communities of Fushe-Kruje and Tirana in order to identify school-aged children and facilitate parents with the school registration process at each step from acquiring the birth certificate to paying a visit at the ophthalmologist. It is a job for the long run, as many parents are not aware of the process and do not hold the documentation needed mostly due to their migratory background. When documents are missing, especially, when the child attended the school abroad, respective schools and institutions are contacted. Therefore, meetings with the school directors and the Regional Education Office are essential. ADRA delivers the list of children to the schools and advocates for their enrolment according to their needs and appropriate education level. Only this September we helped 125 children to access school and kindergarten.

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