Are you the next Volunteer? Within the framework of SuD HAV 3 project, ADRA Slovakia opened 7 new vacancies for EU citizens and long-term residents in the EU in Turkey, Albania and Georgia. All expenses are covered and insurance is provided.


Turkey, Istanbul:

Junior Community Relations Support Officer, Sep/20 – Aug/21, Deadline: 15.03.2020

Senior Project & Volunteer Coordinator, Sep/20 – Aug/21, Deadline: 12.03.2020

Senior Income Generating Specialist, Sep/20 – Sep/21, Deadline: 12.03.2020

Albania, Tirana:

Junior Project Developer, Sep/20 – Aug/21, Deadline: 08.03.2020

Junior PR Officer, Sep/20 – Aug/21, Deadline: 14.03.2020

Junior Physiotherapist, Sep/20 – Feb/2021, Deadline: 08.03.2020


Georgia, Zugdidi:

Senior Communication Manager, Sep/20 – May/21, Deadline: 14.03.2020


Interested? Click on the link below for further information.


SudHAV 3 – EU Aid volunteers