As a volunteer here at ADRA Albania I have learned to expect the unexpected, which is why an afternoon call from our director on a cold rainy day at the end of the week did not surprise me. We had been waiting for the packages to clear customs for weeks and of course the day the two Montenegrin drivers succeed, was the coldest and rainiest in my brief stay here in Tirana.

We arrived at the ADRA compound to be greeted by an already steady stream of packages coming from one of the trucks. Taking a few seconds to survey the action, we quickly found ourselves shoulder to shoulder with members of pathfinders, older staff members of ADRA, and even the guards to our compound. Everybody was pitching in to move this mountain of packages. Over the next two hours we proceeded to unload over 5000 packages and with every package that I took off the truck, I became a little more jealous of the children receiving these gifts, especially when seeing some of the more decorated ones. We here at ADRA Albania would like to thank you for all the work that you put into getting these packages to Albania. I can say from seeing them passed out that you made thousands of children very happy this holiday season.