This past month ADRA hosted a group of Finnish high school students and their parents for a brief period of six days.  Though their stay here was very brief we tried to maximize their time with events in different areas that ADRA is working in.
During their week here in Albania they worked in three different areas each a little bit different.  During the mornings they worked with a kindergarten next to the ADRA offices in Tirana, in the afternoons they worked with a community organization in Marqinet outside of Tirana, and then one day we all took a trip to Burrel to work with a high school there.
The group had come to Albania with a short presentation prepared on environmentalism and equality, which they showed proudly to all of the groups.  Overall they got to see many different parts of the country and got to see different aspects of the needs here in Albania.  We hope they returned to Finland with fond memories and will one day come back.