Once a year, the ADRA offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg pack Christmas-parcels for orphans and poor children in Eastern Europe, and each year more than 50,000 packages are collected.

For this action, they invite the children to pack the parcels together with their parents, each parcel containing toys, school supplies, toiletries and sweets. 

The purpose of this action is to send a gift to orphans and children from socially disadvantaged families, who often have no gifts for Christmas, and to bring joy into their everyday life.

ADRA wants to sensitize children in affluent countries to think of the benefit of another child in other, poorer, countries and to encourage tolerance and solidarity.

The Christmas packages from Luxembourg in 2010 were solely intended for the orphans in Albania; we also received parcels from Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. 

 We want to thank all of those children who helped packing Christmas gifts for our children here in Albania! It was a wonderful experience for all of us!