We live at a time where helping others is done for PR reasons. We live in a time where volunteering is considered a step closer to employment rather than a step closer to inner fulfilment.
The time where we live is continually teaching us to look after our own self-interest, ego and dream fulfilment. Fulfilling all of this has become an entirely selfish path. It is path where finding fulfilment and satisfaction through providing is forgotten.
On the path to a new perspective, “doing” and “being” for others was another thing that should take a huge importance as well. Upon this, on one of the training sessions beneficiaries of Reflect Resilience project were presented with the idea of youth activism and volunteering.  They were presented with several cases where youth activism and involvement had changed the lives of people all around the world.
Furthermore, a discussion began on how we as people have forgotten the feeling created while providing for others. This led several beneficiaries to share some of their own experiences. They were sharing how inactive and negative they were about several initiatives to help people in need but how satisfied they ended up being not because of what they did but because of the smiles they saw and the difference their presence made.
Upon this, the group was presented with the idea of being involved in certain altruistic acts. Together with the group it was decided that we spent some time in all the training sessions to come in order to prepare a small program for abandoned children in Tirana and children living in Zyber Halili orphanage.  
Updates on following youth activism will be provided in future articles