Lack of political, economical and social stability has created a chain of negative effects in all Albanian society. Most of all, this unstable state has and is continually damaging its youth. It is creating a youth that lacks perspective. Such a youth does not know where it shall look for direction. A youth such as this does not have any idea where it should be tomorrow and what it should be fighting for today. A youth such as this is left in a present state of wondering and wondering about only what would be the quickest way to be better financially tomorrow. This youth is not striving for education. It is not striving to make its voice heard and make a difference through it. This youth is not striving for good habits that will make the difference tomorrow. It is only wondering for shortcuts concerning today and tomorrow. We live in a society where youth has forgotten that it is has the power to catalyze change.
Samuel Ullman states that youth is not a time of life; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. This kind of perspective is the first and foremost mentality our youth should have. It will make them aware of their own strengths. This mentality will empower and influence them to make proper use of their youthful strengths. “Reflect Resilience” Project contributes towards this direction as well. A number of training sessions will be held with several young students and beneficiaries who are trapped at the same foggy perspective state.

Before showing them the paths new perspective would take, we would have to provide them with all the necessary knowledge, tools and beliefs. This way, teaching the importance of choices was one of the first things we would need to learn because we believe that it is our choices who determine what we really are and where we will be, far more than our abilities.

Upon this, as shown on the pictures provided, the young group was presented with an interactive training session related to choices. During the training session, they were presented with cases showing that the choices we make can end up deciding about the outcome of our own life sometimes. The case of Northern Pole expedition is one case. Meanwhile, some interactive games showed how the choices made on the decision-making process influenced the outcome of each task.
To conclude, all the participants were presented with the choice to be part of all future training sessions and change not only our own perspective but of those around us as well. Future articles will show how the accomplishment of this new task has been going.