Vrap is a mountain village which is known for its beautiful nature and mountain slopes.

Located 38 km from the Capital city this is the farthest village from Tirana.

From the statistical data gathered in 1994, this village had 250 families with around 1100 inhabitants. During this period of time, the school of this village had around 300 students. However, population movements have affected these statistical data and currently it has been calculated that the village is inhabited by 50 families.


The families leaving in this village have not opportunities to move in other places. The economy of these families is based in raising agriculture products such as vegetables for their own consumptions and fruits. Due to its geographical conditions Vrap village suffers from the lack of electricity and water installations. Thus, this village faces a very low living standard.

Regardless of these facts, in the village of Vrap exist one middle school that holds the name of this village.
“Vrapi” school has been reconstructed by ADRA Albania through the “John Arthur” donation located in England.

The reconstruction program had improved the whole infrastructure including the: drainage of the whole building, repaired and painted ceiling and walls, floor evened and covered with ceramic titles; replacement of the old woken doors, windows and construction of iron glass windows, new lavatory pans and hand-washing basins installed with fittings, inner and outer plastering, replaced water pipes and electric cables; fixed sewage system; one water tank installed to provide permanent water for the restroom, reconstructed restrooms and in addition, daub of the inner and outer part of the building.

Through this project, ADRA Albania team had significantly improved the access to primary and secondary education for 45 children of this school. The reconstruction finishes on 20th of August 2015 by providing a convenient school environment for the beginning of the new school year.