On February 26th, ADRA Albania had the pleasure to organize an event to present the project “Humanitarian Volunteers in Action” and to introduce two EU AID Volunteers. The Volunteers come from EU countries are deployed in the office since last October.  Developing the institutional goals and objectives of the organisation and provide expertise in project writing are among their tasks.

ADRA Albania is benefiting of their presence thanks to the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative, financed by the European Commission.

The Country Director, Altin Rexhepi, opened the event by welcoming several attending NGOs. In this occasion, he presented the work and the commitment of ADRA in Albania and after that, he left the floor to the Programme Manager, Kristi Qendro who presented the project HVM and HVA.

Qendro: “Humanitarian Volunteering Management (HVM), joined by ADRA Albania in 2017, was a 2-years long project focused on reinforcement and sustainability in humanitarian volunteering management. The project had twelve partners coming from the European Union, Balkan, Caucasus and Maghreb. Part of the project was consisting of training, mentoring and preparation for the certification, which certain the necessary standards of effective functioning between the sending and receiving organization and the safe stay of the volunteer”.

Referring to HVA, Qendro continued: “The continuation of Humanitarian Volunteering Management (HVM) is called Humanitarian Volunteers in Action (HVA) and was launched in October 2018, where ten non-governmental organisations (including ADRA Albania) participated. The HVA project aims to send volunteers to certified organizations in particular regions of the Global South for a period of six to twelve months”.

After a comprehensive and exhaustive presentation of both projects, the two EU Aid Volunteers took the floor and talked about their experiences, their challenges and what the learnt since they have been deployed in Tirana.

The event concluded with a lunch.

ADRA Albania believes that the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative brought an added value to the office and the current projects. We firmly believe that other NGOs in Albania should benefit from volunteers from EU countries who have a strong background in a humanitarian context. So, if other NGOs are interested in this opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@adra.al !! ADRA Albania is keen to share information.

Are you an EU Citizen or long-term resident and interested in being a Volunteer? Please check out ADRA’s current vacancies in Albania, Turkey and Georgia: https://adraalbania.org/vacancies-eu-aid-volunteers/