Education of children through Student Volunteering, January 2016 – December 2018

The project “Education through Student Volunteering”, financed by ADRA Germany not only provided literacy, basic math, and other school subjects but also offered basic life skills through non-formal education method. The combination of formal and non-formal teaching methods entwined in 210 alternative training classes where children with learning differences developed their literacy, numeracy, and social skills. In order to implement this project, ADRA Albania involved students from the University of Tirana. The implementation of “Education through Student Volunteering” project promoted the spirit of volunteering among the students. The volunteering practice in this project focused on identifying children with learning differences, developing children’s literacy and numeracy skills and build on children’s personal and social development. The project has increased the capacities of teachers, CPUs, and psychologists involved in the project, and taught them new teaching methods that facilitate their work with children that show different education abilities. Meanwhile, parents have noticed that their children love to go to school and have reached demonstrable education achievements. Parents sensitized by the project have become change agents for the other members of their communities. Today, in the public schools of Kruja more parents are present and concerned about their children school performance and progress.


” I needed to improve my learning, I love to follow the supplementary classes as here i have new friends“

– Child in FusheKruja


“I would like to be part of the supplementary classes also during the summer vocation if this can be possible, because I like very much all what is done here”

– Child in Kruja


“One day I will become a teacher, to teach Roma children!”

– Roma child attending the supplementary classes