Second Chance – A Chance for Life, January 2016 – December 2018

The “Second Chance – A Chance for Life” project dedicated to out-of-school and in risk for dropping out of school children, started in January 2016 and ended in December 2018. ADRA Albania implemented the project for 3 years the project, financially supported by ADC and ADRA Austria. In its wholeness, the project has addressed the difficulties of Roma children encounter while struggling to enjoy their right to education. “Second Chance – A Chance for Life” project addressed issues such as; school abandonment, parents’ low educational level, lack of awareness and hesitant functionality of local institutions. Summary of Results Achieved: 423 children identified as school dropouts/in risk for dropping out school are registered in school and have improved their school attendance parallel to their performance. Due to the project’s intervention, today the public schools have a higher number of Roma/Egyptian children integrated who also share a vision for their future. These children are socially integrated into their school environment and have built a dialog with their teachers and community members/parents. On the other side, there have been fewer cases of child abuse in schools/family environment and increased community engagement and involvement.


“The creative teaching methods used by ADRA staff played a very important role to the child education”

– School teachers in Borizana, October 2018


“Supplementary classes are necessary and ADRA teachers have a positive impact on children”

– Parents in Kruja Region, December 2017


“From the Second Chance classes we have learnt group working skills, to be more self-confident and acknowledge the rules of behavior in the class environment”

– Child in FusheKruja, 2017