ADRA Albania is working with the youth activist group (pictured above) in the “Haxhi Qira” school in Borizane for more than two years within the Second Chance – Chance for life project.

With the kind cooperation of the School psychologist and our support, the group has taken various fundraising initiatives to benefit the school and community, from equipping the school with garbage containers, thru planting trees, to paying visits to the local orphanage.


What are they up to now? When they asked us to support them with materials for handicrafts, we were more than happy to help. The result speaks for itself. The group worked together to make pencil containers, bracelets, and other decorative stuff in order to raise money for new books in their school library. And they are successful! The demand for their crafts grows and they started to sell their handy crafts even in the school of “Ramazan Jangozi” in Thumane.



Denada (first right, picture below), the leader of the youth group in Borizane, states that her life has changed since involvement in the Second Chance activist groups.

“Before I was part of these groups, I wanted to take a lot of initiatives at school, but I thought I wasn’t capable of doing this, I just needed someone to tell me that I can. Participation in school activist group has given me confidence, motivation and new ideas; in addition it has helped my school results as well.”


The boys and girls participating in these activities not only have a place to spend some effective time with other children but are also given the space to develop and strengthen essential skills for life and grow as individuals. Some of them, like Fatime, the deputy leader of the group, experienced a behavioral change, which improved her relationship with family and peers.

“Now I’m more tolerant, understandable and a good listener. My parents have noticed this and feel happy. They look at me differently and trust me.”

ADRA Albania is extremely proud of all their achievements and we strongly believe there are way more to come in future. 🙂