ADRA Albania is continuing its efforts to help the Roma community and rural village communities by providing basic medical services, medicine, and in severe cases the funds to undergo specialist treatment.

Volunteer doctors and nurses, as well as dentists are coming to Albania on a regular basis to support our own medical staff.

Recently, a group of Slovenian doctors visited the village of Zall Bastar, where there is a great need for health education, medical attention, medicine and dental care. The situation of the health centre in Zall Bastar is severe, three nurses share one stethoscope, and the whole centre is ill-equipped.

Nearly all inhabitants are living on social assistance, which is less than 15 Euro a month; they can hardly afford medicine or special services.

The Slovenian team brought a Gynecologist, a Paediatrician, a Dentist  and nursing staff to support the medical centre of Zall Bastar by performing baby-visits, ante-natal visits, providing free PAP-tests, and free dental care for children and adults.

Albanian volunteer doctors have already expressed interest to follow this example, so ADRA Albania is working not with a volunteer dentist in Tirana and a volunteer ophthalmologist in Fushe Kruja.

Their trip was kindly sponsored by the Slovenian pharmaceutical company KRKA, which is also operating in Albania, and ADRA Slovenia.

We greatly value this humanitarian intervention, the efforts and motivation of volunteers to offer their work and material.

Zall Bastar says Thank You!