You’re busy.  Very busy.  In fact, you can’t even imagine not being busy.

Here at ADRA, we know what that’s like.  Helping people in 134 different countries is no walk in the park.  But we love it, and we want to share that joy of service with you.  From campus-wide fundraisers to small-group events, we have the resources to help you change the world. We’re ready whenever you are.

Upcoming Events & Exhibitions


June 28-July 1

CALLED, (Austin, TX)

July 2-July 11

General Conference Session, (San Antonio, TX)

August 5-8

Adventist-Laymen’s Services & Industries, (Spokane, WA)


Church Engagements

August 1

Washington New Hampshire SDA Church Annual Meeting (Washington, NH)

11:30 a.m. Divine Service Speaker

2:30 p.m. Question & Answer Session