This is Kliton, he is 15 years old and he wants to be a musician. His parents are farmers, but he and his family are dependent on social aid. He is not entirely blind, but the progress of his disease needs to be closely monitored by the ophthalmologist.

In March ADRA Albania started the cooperation with SHVSH/QRKV, the Assiciation of the Visually Impaired in Albania.
Not knowing how to see does not mean not being able to read and write – with the special Braille alphabet the visually impaired learn reading and writing with their fingertips.

We started out with sponsoring 4 Braille literacy classes in Tepelena, Lezha, Fier and Burrel. The visually impaired of these towns have no access to the boarding school for blind children in Tirana but also have only limited access to the public schools. We are helping to give literacy training to fight analphabetism among the Blind in Albania.

Once the courses are concluded, the project is not over: In the following school year, starting September, public schools in Tepelena, Lezha, Fier and Burrel will dedicate their community service hours to the Visually Impaired in their towns. They will tutor the blind children in basic school subjects and help the adults with their every-day chores.

We are happy we can contribute to the integration of people who have little access to society – bringing light into the darkness.

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