We proudly introduce our new internet page,

Ndihmo, Mbeshtet, Lufto!

at www.neo.al.

This project will provide information for women diagnosed with breast cancer via internet media about breast cancer, therapy options, coping strategies, and nutrition.

In Albania, women are poorly informed about different treatment methods, risk factors and other breast cancer related issues. There is no reliable information available in the Albanian language, no public education programs to inform women, and no supplementary information like nutrition to foster the immune system, light diet to cope with chemotherapy, benefits of exercise, music and hobbies. Psychological advice about strategies to cope with the diagnose, how to cope with operation and chemotherapy, how to communicate with family is scarce.

Through the web-based and radio approach, a maximum number of patients can be reached and barriers and systemic problems, such as insufficient access to care, can be overcome.

The aim is to increase knowledge and awareness about breast cancer through internet media. We want to
• Influence perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes that may change social norms (taboo of talking about the diagnose, fear of operation and late diagnose, survival rate)
• Prompt action (to prevent breast cancer through healthy lifestyle, to raise awareness)
• Demonstrate or illustrate healthy skills (nutrition, breast self-exam)
• Reinforce knowledge, attitudes, or behavior (about life-style)
• Show the benefit of behavioural change (life-style, positive attitude, coping)
• Advocate a position on a health issue or policy (promote preventative screening, provide public information about therapy options and supplementary therapy)
• Increase demand or support for health services (psychological help, self-support groups)
• Refute myths and misconceptions
• Strengthen organizational relationships (networking with hospitals, institute of public health, NGOs and other stakeholders)

Our health team (physician, nurse, nutritionist, psychologist) write articles and posts concerning breast cancer, health and supplementary therapy.

Awareness campaigns throughout the year in schools, public places and churches will be conducted.

The lack of social and psychological support in medical institutions, in their own family and in society, makes this project a very crucial one for improving women’s life after diagnosis and chemotherapy. The women need information on how to cope with this disease, about life after surgery or chemotherapy and a boost in their self-confidence. These women need ongoing social and psychological support. Ndihmo, Mbeshtet, Lufto! will have a long-lasting impact on the health of women.