On the 2. November 2010, the Roma primary school in Fushe Kruja was inaugurated. Skender Veliu (Amarodrom), Beatrice Kastrati (ADRA), Leo Espana (Kisha Adventiste) and Bruce and Ruth Wilson (Kisha e Jezu Krishtit) celebrated the start of the new school year in the first and only government-run school for Roma children.

The school was started up by ADRA in 2005, and was run as a project with foreign funding for many years, until finally in 2009 and 2010 the transition from project to institution was accomplished. This year one of the final treats for the children were new school books sponsored by Bruce and Ruth Wilson.

ADRA Albania sponsored the transport to the school for the little ones – in the rainy season it is esp. hard to muster up the courage to go to school every day. Now the children won’t have to worry about getting their little feet wet.

The best gift of all was however the brand new school building which was kindly provided by the municipality of Fushe Kruja. We are especially thankful to Mr Ismet Mavriqi, the mayor of the Fushe Kruja municipality who cooperated so kindly with us over the years and made the whole project and the final transition possible.

Now Roma children don’t only have a school just to themselves, but they have a big school building, new books and even a school bus. Thanks to all our sponsors, this unique dream of ours became reality.