In the first months of the new year 2015, ADRA Albania staff was very ambitious to work on the relationship between the mothers in law of the community and their daughters in law.
During the past two years the staff discovered t: This relation is formative for a whole family in the Roma culture.
As ADRA has already been working with the daughters in law, now it wants to set a new focus on the mothers in law.
The implementation of that purpose started on the 25th of February. In the form of a “Welcoming Party” Rezarta Prence, Kristi Qendro, Marsela Gatali and Fatmira Dajlani from ADRA staff invited 30 Roma women to a friendly meeting  of one hour. They wanted to talk and discuss about their children, brides and daily life.
The first women that came was Adelina’s grandmother, she is 72 years old and despite her old age everyday she wakes up early every morning and goes to sell second hand clothes in the villages near Fushe Kruja. The other women came after her and started to discuss with each other. This was a different afternoon because usually after work they go and prepare the clothes that they might need for the next day of work. While the others were discussing, one of the women asked: “May I know the purpose of this meeting?”. ADRA staff wanted to respond to her question but in that moment Lubiana’s mother said: “None of you understands that they respected us and brought us here to spend a different afternoon then usually. All of us have to be thankful to ADRA”. ADRA staff supported Lubiana’s mother’s opinion and thanked all the women that they have welcomed them in their houses and allowed their children and brides to attend REFLECT program.