Last Tuesday, at four in the morning, the EU Aid Volunteers, along with the rest of Albania’s population, had a rude awakening. A devastating 6,4 magnitude earthquake, the largest one in decades, struck the country, costing the lives of dozens and injured hundreds. Fortunately, everyone from the office and all of our friends are safe.


ADRA Albania immediately activated an emergency response, in order to be able to provide prompt and unbureaucratic help. Since then, donors from around the world have shown a great deal of support and solidarity. However, it has become evident that proper coordination is crucial. Whereas in coastal cities like Durrës, which receives extensive international media coverage, the material needs have already been overcome, other regions come off poorly. Moreover, providing the Roma communities with humanitarian aid is not considered a priority by the government and the state institutions. For this reason, ADRA Albania decided to respond to the needs of Roma people, a community which is now further marginalized, while also taking into consideration additional vulnerable groups.

After a needs assessment was being conducted in Fushë-Kruja and Thumanë, ADRA Albania provided psychosocial support and distributed food packages, clean water, tents, mattresses, blankets and other necessities to 16 families (approx. 74 people) whose houses have been destroyed. Additionally, the ground has been excavated and covered with gravel in order to improve the hygiene and the stability of the tents. At the same time, coordinating the ADRA Network Emergency Response and other clusters requires increasing efforts. As EU Aid Volunteers sent by ADRA Slovakia, we are committed to perform our duties with the utmost professionalism: As such, in light of the emergency we are experiencing, we have decided for the time being to put our long-term projects on hold and support the team with our skills and expertise.

As a result of the intense joint work, we have strengthened ties with our colleagues and grew considerably as a team. Prior to our deployment as volunteers, we received a comprehensive training by the European Commission in Pisa and Vienna where a similar scenario was simulated. Earlier than expected, we are now able to apply the principles we have learned and move from theoretical knowledge to first-hand experience.

There is still a lot to be done. If you are able to contribute to improve the situation please don’t hesitate to contact us:

We are especially thankful for any financial contributions:

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