12 tents of the Roma community in Shkozë, one of the most poorest communities in Tirana, burnt down in April.

From an electric spark, a tent had caught fire, which spread quickly to 11 over tents. This little girl was missing, until her mother heard her crying inside one of the burning tents – she ran inside and snatched her from the flames, and she survived unharmed.

We were able to help out with portable beds, kitchen utensils, clothes and food.

Through a generous donation from Chemnitz, Germany, and the Adventist Church in Albania, we could help those families who had lost everything.

In a joint activity with the Ministry of Labour we were happy to have made a small difference.
 In July we will start the project “Mobile Clinic for Roma in Tirana”, and will provide medical service and medication to those families who have no access to the Health Care system because they have not been registered.

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