The Environment was the Theme of the community service activities of the private school “The Independent”. ADRA Albania was invited to teach the students how to organize volunteer activities, and why volunteer engagement is so important – we were able to show that everybody can make a difference!

Students from “The Independent” presented their research to students of the neighbouring school in Surrel, and together they spent two active days clearing away the waste on the streets of Lin√ęz.

Everybody, small and tall, took part in the activity: Teenagers conducted research about how everybody can contribute to a healthier and cleaner planet Earth, and the little ones took part in an art contest, painting and crafting their idea about a clean and healthy environment.

Students of the first and second grades could ask their questions to the older students, so they would learn everything about the environment. However, it turned out that the older students learnt a lesson from the little ones – that with the use of bad and inappropriate language we pollute the environment just as much!

We are proud to have been part of this wonderful event, and we thank the visionary headmistress of this exemplary school!
Cooperation with “The Independent” does not stop here – in July the teenagers who have been active in this community service event will join us in our travel camp and give their presentation together with French and Finnish volunteers throughout Albania.

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