Jul 04

Hey! Come to the class with us!!!

“Hey! Come to the class with us! We are writing a CV today!” men are shouting across the Roma community in Fushe-Kruje, while on the way to literacy& numeracy class. In the frame of “Positive family environment for the Education of Roma and Egyptian children”, financed by the German Federal Foreign office, ADRA Albania implements …

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Jun 12

Capacity training in Tallinn

ADRA Albania is participating in the capacity training in Tallinn in the frame of humanitarian volunteers in action and the EU AID volunteers program.

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May 08

Celebrating Saint George’s Day

The streets of Roma community in Fushe-Kruje are filled with the smell of roasted lamb, music, and laughter! At dawn, 6th of May, they all went to bath in the Mat river at the village of Milot. Now, they are at home, men serving the grill, women preparing the table. The feast to celebrate the …

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Nov 06

The vicious circle of violence

Physical and psychological domestic violence on children, in form of punishment, is still present in Albania.  This form of negative parenting is reflected in a children’s behavior in schools and later life. In schools children often solve their conflicts or misunderstandings through physical and verbal aggression, consequently, a teacher tends to use psychological pressure and …

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Oct 08

150 chairs, 44 tables for the school in Mazhe Vogel! For the Hospital in Kruja and Health Clinic in Fushe Krujabeds, matrasses, blankets, pillows and more…

We were honored to welcome again our good friend Walter Macher, who with help of private donors once again made Kruja region a better place to be. Walter Macher is a well-known figure in our community and in Kruja, in the past he the participated on reconstruction and complete furnishing of the elementary school in Halil. …

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Oct 01

HVM training

In the frame of Reinforcment and sustainability in humanitarian volunteering managment project ADRA Albania implemented a training for trainers event. This event was organized in the ADRA Albania office with the participation of albanian civil society organizations who are interested in applying to the EU aid volunteers program.

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Aug 30

ADRA Albania certified as a Hosting NGO for International Volunteers

ADRA Albania was certified in the frame of EU aid volunteers Initiative as a hosting NGO for International Volunteers. This certification decision is based on the quality of procedures and policies implemented and developed by ADRA Albania that have been recognized by the European Commission.  Apply and Help us change the World, one life at a …

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Feb 05

Introduction to the Integration after Migration Project

 Last week on February 1st, ADRA Albania with the support of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH organized an event for introducing the Integration after Migration Project. The activity represented also the Inauguration of classes where the supplementary and the social activities will be developed.  It was held on the premises of the Community Centre …

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Dec 04

After Floods in Fushe Kruja

The situation in Fushe Kruja after the floods seems to continue being very serious. ADRA Albania distributed aids provided through ADRA Germany to families damaged severely  by the floods.  

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Jan 11

ADRA Albania rrit ndërgjegjësimin në lidhje me Trafikimin e Fëmjëve

Një ngjarje e rëndësishme në shkollën publike “Adem Gjeli” në Fushë-Krujë, u mbajt javën e fundit të tetorit me pjesëmarrjen e aktorëve të ndryshëm lokalë dhe qeveritare si: Njësia për Mbrojtjen e Fëmijëve, Drejtoria e shkollës dhe Ministria e Mirëqenies Sociale dhe Rinisë. Ky aktivitet u organizua në formën e fushatës sensibilizuese me iniciativën e …

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