Mar 04


On February 26th, ADRA Albania had the pleasure to organize an event to present the project “Humanitarian Volunteers in Action” and to introduce two EU AID Volunteers. The Volunteers come from EU countries are deployed in the office since last October.  Developing the institutional goals and objectives of the organisation and provide expertise in project …

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Apr 02

International Autism Awareness Day! Autism is not a disability it is a different ability! Our duty is not to cure but to relieve suffering and to maximize each person’s potential. Dita Ndërkombëtare të Ndërgjegjësimit mbi Autizmin. Autizmi nuk është aftësi e kufizuar, por është një aftësi ndryshe! Detyra jonë nuk është që të shërojmë, por …

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Nov 22

All together against Bullism

On 21st of November on the premises of Skender Luarasi school in Tirana, was organized an activity by the school psychologist in cooperation with ADRA Albania. The activity was about bullying in school and what is the role of parents, teachers and school’s psychologist in preventing bullying cases as well as the role of other …

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Nov 20

Universal Children’s Day in Tirana

Today, on 20th of November, an activity prepared by primary school pupils was organized at the Gjergj Fishta school. With the topic of “Children’s Rights” they had prepared paintings and crafts with the aim of showing that their rights must be respected, such as: the right for education, the right for being protected, the right …

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Nov 06

Invitation for the regional conference “Prevention of early forced marriages among vulnerable communities”, 2 and 3 November 2017 in Podgorica

ADRA Albania was invited  into the Regional Conference about the prevention of early marriages among vulnerable groups in Montenegro and presented the work done until now with these groups in the frame of the current ongoing projects financed by ADA, ADRA Austria and ADRA Germany. 

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Nov 02

Prevention of Human trafficking Awareness

Sot ne kuader te muajit anti- trafikim, shkolla Adem Gjeli organizoi nje takim ndergjegjesues ne lidhje me trafikimin e qenieve njerezoren ne Shqiperi. Te ftuar ishin perfaqesues te Bashkise, perfaqesues nga Linja Kombetare e Keshillimit per femije ne Shqiperi dhe ACCE, drejtore shkollash, organizata lokale dhe gazetare. Ne kete takim te rinjte senatore te shkolles …

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May 12

Child Protection Law Against Violence training

Child Protection Law Against Violence training in Ramazan Jangozi school, in Thumana. In this training school teachers, psychologists and CPU/Municipality workers were informed about the juridical aspects of the law that protects children’s rights and its mechanisms. The training was directed by University Lecturer and Lawyer Mrs. Florion Bejleri. Trajnimi mbi Ligjin e Mbrojtjes se …

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May 04

Women’s Rights celebrated in Fushe Kruja

4th of May 2017 signed a different day in Fushe Kruja. Two public schools “Adem Gjeli” and “Shote Galica” organized an event on behalf of Women’s Rights Topic. In the event were present parents, children, teachers and Fushe Kruja citizens with the aim to join this initiative taken by the schools. Deputy Minister of Education …

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Apr 10

Austrian Development Cooperation visiting Fushë Kruja

Today, the ADC – Austrian Development Cooperation came in Fushë Kruja to the Community Center to visit the Project of “Second Chance – A chance for life. “

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Apr 07

On 7 April ADRA Albania celebrated the upcoming International Roma day in Fushe Kruja cinema. Children from schools all around Fushe Kruja in which ADRA Albania implements trainings did participated. They performed songs, dances and poems. In the End the Roma Community presented some culture performances. Sot ADRA Albania festoi diten nderkombetare te komunitetit Rom …

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