In July 2014, the ADRA International Film Team visited us to film our project activities. We are very excited about the outcome!

Watch with us on Saturday, 24. January 2015, 01:00h on Hope Channel! Click here: A Closer Walk

The immersive, nine-part documentary series takes viewers to the most remote places in the world to see how humanitarian aid really works and how change unfolds from impossible circumstances.
“We hope our supporters will take “A Closer Walk” with us on Fridays this season,” said Jonathan Duffy, ADRA International president. “Our work at ADRA is greatly inspired by Matthew 25, and we are excited to pull back the curtain on what humanitarian work looks like and how, through our friends, ADRA is taking God’s love to the world in need.”
The series features the everyday heroes who are transforming the communities where they live. Follow in the footsteps of aid workers in the rainforests of Vanuatu, the refugee camps of Uganda, and with the children of the ex-Soviet Bloc. Each episode shows humanitarian work at the human level, where the need is met with love.

Episode 1:  The Roma (Albania)
For centuries the Roma have suffered discrimination, inequality, and abject poverty. Derogatively labeled “gypsies,” these people struggle for survival every day on the streets of Albania, with few allies and even fewer resources.  Local ADRA workers Rezi and Kristi take us on a Roma experience to a dilapidated hospital, a house crowded to capacity by extended family, and a rare outing to the seaside, to show us the humanity behind the negative stereotypes.

Watch with us on Thursday, 24. January 2015, 01:00h on Hope Channel! Click here: A Closer Walk