ADRA Albania (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) with financial support IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Program has the great pleasure in inviting you to the launch of “Love Your Heart” project.
“Launching “Love Your Heart” Project: A pilot Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention Program in Albania”
Tuesday, 05 November 2013,
Time: 11.00-12.00,
Str.“Bedri Karapici”,
Ish-Qyteti i Nxënësve,
The regional project  “Love Your Heart: Adriatic Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention Network”  aims to decrease and  to prevent the cardiovascular diseases in Albania. This  event  will serve for launching of the project “Love Your Heart” at the  ADRA  Health Center, which  will host trainings,  seminars,  and  health  service  for  Albanian  citizens  in  order  to  prevent cardiovascular diseases.
The  ADRA Health Center  focuses especially on the promotion of healthy lifestyles mainly for  the  elderly  people.  With  new  staff,  the  Center  will  offer  advice  and  support  for  all citizens  of  Tirana.  During  this  event,  the  participants  will  have  the  possibility  to  acquire information for  the  health  services offered  by CVD prevention Center, as well as the plans that ADRA Albania has in the health framework. In this event, ADRA Albania has invited different  actors and the Albanian  associates in  this project.
Your valued participation would be of a great importance. We accept all the suggestions that may come from you concerning the extending  of cooperation with all actors who operate in this  field  for  the  further  improvement  of  the  situation  and  the  rise  of  awareness  among citizens toward the dangers of cardiovascular diseases.
For any related questions or information please do not hesitate to contact us!